Sunday, August 2, 2009

Julia post

So, this is what I did for my starter piece. I chose this color, chartreuse, because it's my favorite color and I like to surround myself with it. My bedroom in my apartment is painted this color and many of the things I put in it are as well. I wanted this piece to feel like home. I was thinking about the contrast between my life in NYC and a domestic one, which I fantasize about sometimes. I was thinking about needle point and things I associate with being a housewife. I made a grid of pinholes for this piece to simultaneously represent the ridged, industrial aspect of the city and also create a blank canvas for my fantasy life as a housewife.
(some of the holes look sparkley in this photo. it's some sort of effect from the camera. there are no sparkles, they're all pinholes)

This is the piece I got from Amanda, and I added more pinholes here. I wanted to stick with my original medium, at least for the time being. I decided to interpret her work as an abstract representation of clouds and sun. I made it rain.

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